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  1. Thanks for the offer/willingness, appreciate it. Yeah, renting here not likely a problem. The external recorder introduces the need for additional powering solutions, but it would be good to have some firsthand experience to understand its value.
  2. I capture Raw almost exclusively for all my still work, but I have to remember that good event photographers (and others) might have their sRGB jpgs dialed in so well that their workflow is simplified. And it looks good! Maybe time for an old dog to learn new tricks.
  3. This has been a really helpful thread with thoughtful responses. Thank you. For now, I’ll be pushing myself with the D850 for a better real-world understanding of its capabilities. And maybe borrowing/renting another cam to feel the difference in similar situations, and in the edit.
  4. Yes, this, today, would be the most likely direction. But I’m going to push myself a bit more with the D850 in real life for now. Used Gh5s’ and other choices will be around for awhile, after I have more informative successes and failures.
  5. Your HDR use-case is helpful in reminding me that for now I’m not in this situation! In my location, I can rent if needed, until I understand better what works for me most of the time. And mixed bulbs, especially now with LEDs, can be all over the color map!
  6. This response reflects where I'm at right now... asking myself if for now, i really need 10 bit, how much can i do with 8bit and existing profiles (and I have Andrew’s z-log profiles to experiment with further.) Chromakeying is still a question, but some focused trials will shed more light on workability. I can also rent a Ninja recorder to get me to 422 in that specific case. Your observation about Nikon’s history of r&d was helpful reframing!
  7. Helpful point about stabilizing in post! True observations about gear lifetimes, I think. Good mics can last a career, and beyond, as can lenses. My 2008-released Panasonic HPX170, bought used, has great features and taught me lots about video. As problematic as the sensor limitations/ image quality look now, I’m loathe to sell it. But I won’t use it for any client work, so it’s time to move to better image quality with good features, on a used, new-to-me camera. Which I’ll probably squeeze every last pixel out of, too. Though a Ninja can be very useful, for now compactness and minimal rigging is a priority. And, max quality out of the d850 is still only 8 bit. (Nikon, what???) The increase to 422 can be marginally useful, but seems like a minimal return on investment. I appreciate your experienced and considered comnents.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, the 10 bit 422 of the GH5/S cameras is a big plus. Moreso than trying to keep it in the Nikon family. Even the Z series is lacking in the in-camera codec. And for now I do want to keep it in camera. I haven’t looked at the s1, primarily because it’s another FF camera, and max sensor size isn’t my preference right now. I’ll take advantage of my 850 as best I can, of course, because I already have it, but overall size with lenses is a factor...for what I’m currently doing. And to be clear, I bought the 850 specifically for its still resolution while also knowing that Nikon isn’t known for leading in the video department ... because that feature wasn’t significant to me at the time.
  9. Edit: In 4k you lose peaking and stabilization, but zebras are still available.
  10. My thinking is to add one of the cameras I’m considering as a primary, with my 850 and LX100 as potential b-cams or backups for now, or renting a second cam as needed. This would evolve with time. I’ve picked up some bargain second hand kino-type lights (Lowel) and have a couple LED ac/dc monolights with modifiers. Audio of course is significant too. I got into sound-for-picture before video though, and I have some good kit already.
  11. Great to see the Corey Rich video; I hadn’t seen it before. Thanks for that. The image quality @4k can be astounding, and I of course have a few lenses for it. I take advantage of dx crop mode as well. However, 4k mode doesn’t support peaking, zebras or stabilization at all, and 2k mode supports only peaking or zebras but not both at the same time. The eStabilization often looks weird, and I wouldn’t depend on it. 2k IQ is degraded compared to 4k. Internal recording is limited to 8b/420, which can be problematic in some situations. There is no WFM or scope, which I’d prefer.
  12. Fuji has always been off my radar for no particular reason, will take a look at it. Good reminder about the speedbooster for M43.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, and I do already enjoy a Mixpre-6. Trying to keep it simple and avoid external monitors/recorders if possible. The 2k image is not nearly as good as the 4k, but in 4k you lose peaking, stabilization and zebras. And in 2k, you can only have one at a time. No WFM or scopes either.
  14. At the risk of getting laughed off of the forum, I’m going to ask a “What would you do?” question. I'm wanting to add a video-centric camera to my established still images practice. The D850 is a fantastic camera for me for stills, but of course the video features are lackluster. My likely projects will be Low key personal and easy-going small client interview or educational projects. Maybe some well lit green screen. No narrative film work. Events possible but not likely. Budget is important here; hence I’m considering (used) a GH5 or 5S, or a C100ii. I like the GH5 4k, codecs and features but less keen on M43 format, af issues and DSLR ergonomics. I love the C100 form factor, features, s35 sensor and af. Picture generally looks very good but codec is thin in camera, and of course capture is 2k. Everyone’s needs differ of course, but how do some of you think about this choice in 2021? What am I overlooking?
  15. As a pro Nikon user for 40 years, I have mixed feelings here. I love my d850 for its still image quality and features. But I’d guess their contract with Sony for the sensor limited the video features and codec. As I look to making more video, I only have to look at a used Lumix GH5S for example to see a simple solution for exceptional video features and in-camera 10bit, which for me are more relevant than full frame vs m43. Disappointed by the Z ii offerings. So I won’t invest in a Z body, and will instead likely add a video-centric camera from another maker, even as I still swoon over my 2-year old Nikon 850.
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