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  1. Thanks for an interesting article. Although I agree with some of it, I think there are more dimensions to consider. I agree that some current camera companies will probably not survive so much longer. And Canon and Sony are drivning their volumes up and prices down. But Sony has reached their volumes largely because they have invented and developed like crasy. They have taken risks. SLTs didnt make it, but ever since e-mount FF came about it has been clear to me this would be changing the industry. High IQ in compact equipment, reliable Eye AF, etc. I think it is good if more people can enjoy FF quality. If cheaper and smaller FF cameras enables that then thats a lot of good. Innovation can be made in many dimensions. I think the e-mount has let loose a lot of lens innovation. Thanks to the relative openess of e-mount and thanks to large volumes of e-mount cameras, there are many innovative 3rd party AF lens lines developed. Eg I use the tiny and ultralight Samyang 45/1.8. I also use the super bright and optically excellent Sigma 35/1.2.
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