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  1. Hey there guys.  I'm gonna be in the market for a camera since I'm getting some inheritance (RIP Dad) and money is no object but I'm wondering how much better would this sort of thing be than a GH5s? Sure, the much larger sensor is an obvious win for a lot of things but I'm wondering how they'd compare for run-and-gun.  I'd be doing pretty basic stuff: dumb comedy sketches, shooting live music (when live music in the US happens again) and some guitar/bass/whatever playthroughs at home. I don't do photos.  I'm not sure I care about size because I have huge hands.

    My other cameras are a Gx85 and a G85 if that makes any difference.  I'm quite invested in M43 at this point but not married to it.  I aim to have something that's gonna be easy to use by myself, without a crew or anything.  The limitations on recording for the S5 are disappointing but maybe that won't matter for my uses? Maybe I should be looking at the S1 or S1H instead? A

    I dunno. Is there anything at all that a GH5s would do better than this thing?


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