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  1. Because that means it's a damn miracle camera, slimy company execs or not. Haha They have literately leapfrogged any competition by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately looks like they did the same with ethics too. lol
  2. So this is basically everyone's supreme tier camera that they've artificially handicapped. I'm almost more amazed that they actually pulled non-overheating 8K camera off as I am that they were so slimy about its implementation. Lol Amazing!!! I'm seriously astonished by both aspects. Slimy miracle engineers. Hahahahaha I have two concerns about your method though. Are the video files usable removing them in this manner and if you are actually getting into overheating territory taking the recording time way past 15 min and not knowing about it because Canon obviously isn't basing their over heat warning on any thermometer. Hmmm.... Dangerous.
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