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  1. Just to update on what I wrote here. It's a problem with the Nikon not the Atomos. I did several tests directly to Nikon in Flat mode and the problem is there as well! More enhanced in 12 bit N-Log. Here's my tests... https://youtu.be/1w69jYu-cIU and here's the HQ version for download... https://www.dropbox.com/t/vNjH4yBSImvAhK8H Hope Nikon can / will fix this. Very annoyed.
  2. Just got the Atomos Ninja V to pair with my Nikon Z7. Shooting a properly exposed image in natural or artificial light causes a very subtle flickering accompanied by a green/magenta shift. Codec set to Pro Res HQ - N-log. Very disappointed :( Shooting flat in camera is flawless in comparison. I'm sad to see this thread was started so long ago and it hasn't been fixed yet. Guess I'll be sending the Ninja back.
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