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  1. That's pretty much how we were going but not doing that short of clips probably 30 second-1.5 minutes with a few different takes, like I said I think people are blinded by the specs and want to go film long form videos with it and it's a stills camera that does video. I've been beyond stoked on mine but there will always be people who are upset, this camera fits in with my 5D4's and my C200's perfectly but has and will likely forever replace the 5D4's. And like I said there are people trying to make it over heat and when you try to do that guess what, it'll do it but I see very few reviews of
  2. I have tried posting in this thread but it always says it needs to be approved by a mod....I have the opposite experience and bought the camera the day it was available for preorder and got it right as it came out, I have since shot every single day with it and obviously the first things I tried were all the features we all want to use. I brought it along for a MTB shoot and filmed in nothing but 4k HQ, 4k 120, 8k raw and 12FPS and not once did it overheat or shut down. It was well over 80 degrees and it was in a black backpack as we were riding for 2.5 hours stopping to shoot as we went. I th
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