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  1. Ah, that's true! I didn't think about it, but yes it's like almost any memory nowadays. Thanks!
  2. I think, the heat does not go down that quick because the camera body functions as an isolation. I would compare it to putting beer in the freezer: - if you put just the bottle in, it's frozen within 90 minutes - if you put it in a plastic box it's taking quite longer.
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for the information you are providing. I think I may have messed up my point about the memory card. I don't mean that the memory card overheats due to the writing, but because it's close to something hot. My "idea" was, that - something in the camera - e.g. the main controller - leads to internals heating up -- no one cares about temperatures beyond the regulations of surfaces, because it's internal - this also leads to the memory cards getting hot -- memory cards can be removed -- Removal parts apply to the temperature limits defined by safety regulations
  4. Very interesting stuff! I'm a hobbyist Canon shooter myself, but I'm still on the EOS 6D since until now I couldn't find anything that really pushes me towards a new camera. The R5/R6 might be the one that actually catch me. However, after reading all of this, I get doubtful. Besides that I'm an engineer for embedded software / electronics (in automotive) and I would like to share some of my knowledge here. 1. As horshack already pointed out the temperature written in the EXIF might not be the temperature of the main controller, but the one of another chip that's supposed to be a "go
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