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  1. 1. No issues with the buttons on my end. Pretty similar to the XT3 2. No 180 degree angle setting. Very frustrating. Would have loved to see Fuji implement a C1, C2, C3 lever instead of the Stills/Movie lever. That way we could have mapped the different video frames rates to different custom options 3. I shoot FLOG and expose normally and slap on the Fuji Eterna LUT in post. Works wonderfully 4. Haven't seen those kinds of artifacts . To be fair I shoot manual and almost always never use the start and end of a clip. I always end up trimming
  2. Andrew mentioned it overheated sitting in the wifi menu. But yeah, that would be a good test
  3. The H264 4k/60 files are smooth on my imac. Can't say the same for the H265 4k/120 clip 😞 Must say I had a lot of fun playing with the color wheels in final cut pro. The flexibility is tremendous
  4. Does anyone know what the base ISO will be for SLOG2. I know for SLOG3 it is 640
  5. Hmm.. The Sony actually looks as good if not better than the R5 in this comparison video
  6. To me the skin tones just always look harsher on Sony. Never had this issue with Canon and Fuji. Is there a technical reason for this?
  7. Can someone explain to me how the extended ISO range works for Slog3. I used to shoot Cine4 with my a7iii. I think SLOG3 had a base ISO of 1600. And we had to over expose 2 stops over. So that implied an even higher ISO. With the a7siii, the base ISO is 640. Do we still need to over expose? Also, I see folks saying that an extended ISO range is available (can go down as low as 160 I think). But wouldn't that mean we are under exposing SLOG3 (which has a base ISO of 640). So confused how this works
  8. To be fair, Matt praised the camera and made one statement that made me jump out of my seat. He said that the colors on this bad boy were actually better (not as good but better) than the canon colors
  9. Andrew, appreciate you highlighting the deficiencies of these cameras. As u mentioned somewhere else, these companies have to be accountable and not rewarded for taking short cuts. Hopefully canon goes back to the drawing board and addresses these issues
  10. With Slog3 on the a7siii (iso 640), does one have to still over expose by 2 stops?
  11. Custom mode question for Xt4 owners Is there a quick way to toggle between say 4k/24 and 4k/60? I was reading the manual and noticed that things like FHD 120fps can now be pinned to a button. Is there a way I can save 4k24, 4k60 and FHD120 to custom modes C1, C2 and C3. And then maybe include each one of these as separate buttons in the quick menu. If yes, can the shutter speed (180 degree angle) be saved for each custom mode. I miss the ability to switch quickly between these different frame rates on the xt3
  12. There appears to be a new firmware update available. Can anyone check if this addresses the micro jitters introduced by the last update?
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