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  1. I love how the URSA 12k is released and everyone gets mad because "who asked for this?" and "12k is overkill when all you will ever need is 4k". So Sony releases the A7siii. It only shoots 4K, it fixes the major issues that plagued it's camera, invested in better, not more pixels. Practically eliminates rolling shutter, adds 10 bit h.265 as well as 16 bit raw output and can shoot in full resolution up to 120p and SOMEHOW everyone is saying "this isn't enough" or "I was expecting more". You aren't filmmakers, you're hobbyists!
  2. Can't grade it on a PC as of right now. Why so confrontational?
  3. I believe the magenta is a result of the color grade and possibly lack of a color calibrated monitor.
  4. Adding to what you are saying. Marvel adopted 8K RED cameras on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and have been shooting 8K ever since. This was when people were loosing their minds over the idea that anyone would ever possibly need 8K. Additionally, RED released the Helium an 8K s35 camera and people rambled about "Better Pixels", but can't apply the same reasoning to Blackmagic who has set out to create Cinema oriented Cameras from day one, while still paying attention to their indie customers. They gave us the P4k and P6k, now they are innovating something new for high end cinema. The answer to the common question "who is this camera for" is a simple "not you" .this is why people are upset.
  5. I think there is a bit of a political move here as well. Studio execs LOVE big numbers. "Oh, that new camera is higher resolution than any other camera? I want my films shot on that". Now, I think the move away from bayer pattern for full RGB and the insane gradability this footage will likely have is in my mind worth the price. But they made a good decision being higher resolution than their competition, and rest assured this camera is not in direct competition with the A7s or S1h, its with RED and ARRI. They are making the feature film and TV industry sit up and notice them and this is a good thing.
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