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  1. Good sleuthing Andrew. This whole episode has made all the youtubers look very silly. Canon is so confused about the professional video market. They're not going to lose C300mkiii sales to a little camera like the R5 with no timecode input (along with countless other professional features). There's no reason to cripple it like this. If they had a small form factor cinema camera on the market, I would at least understand their reasoning, but they don't! Why are they doing this?????
  2. It seems like the pixel-binned 4K mode doesn't have heat issues (at normal frame rates). That makes the camera usable as far as I'm concerned. All the high speed modes and 8K are for specialty shots anyway. Canon definitely over-hyped the 8K RAW, but as long as it can shoot uncropped 4K reliably, I'm happy.
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