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  1. One must be very stupid or loaded with money to buy this camera. how much is canon paying people to write possitive stories.???
  2. “Recall it. Take it back to the damn factory. And start again.” Absolutely, shame on you canon.
  3. Absolutely right canon the R5 is great as a decoration camera.
  4. Absolutely unacceptable that the camera has an overheating issue. Even if i could get one for half the prize, i will nt buy it because of this issue. dear Canon, fix it or dont produce it. Simple as that. 2 things that are bad. Overheating, very bad, unacceptable and whynot an standard hdmi port. the specs are very good, but because of overheating this camera cannot be used for weddings, interviews, and feature films, it will be a waste of my money. In this conditions even for free i wont accept it. Have a heart Canon, you made us happy with a dead bird.
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