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  1. I don't think PP is out to drag anyone, they're out for clicks. Salacious is the wrong word to use here, but seems par for their usual style, no?
  2. This is hugely speculative, even by Internet forum standards: - The only mp numbers we have so far are from totally anonymous sources reported with low confidence ("CR1") by Canon Rumors - If Canon designed but was contracting the mfg as speculated above (e.g. apple, amd, nvidia) why would Sony get a SKU out? - Did Canon ever claim they developed the Powershot sensor? They seem to be very careful with the words "developed" vs "applied" above. - Canon also has a BSI and Stacked patents, so that's not a slam dunk argument either: https://petapixel.com/2021/01/12/canon-patents-a-combination-high-speed-high-resolution-stacked-sensor/ I would not be surprised in the least if Canon did in fact buy a Sony sensor, developed it with Sony, or developed it but contracted Sony for mfg. But this is super far from a "leak"
  3. I am, of course, speculating as I've got the same specs in front of me that you do. However, some clues it's the sensor vs DSP: - Some modes with identical compression (4K fine vs 4K) seem to have differing heat issues - The Digic X doesn't appear to be a slouch, with a 4x+ improvement in processing power it doesn't have the feeling of cut rate silicon, which canon has ABSOLUTLEY done in the past. Digic's that couldn't handle anything other than MJPEG, for instance. - As you mentioned, there are lots of cameras that do 8K—but anything with this sized sensor has active cooling. - There is a relationship between heat generated and surface area. Additionally, It's much easier to remove the heat from a 45mp 1cm smartphone sensor than a 35mm sensor. - Active cooling tends to be attached to the sensor, not the image processor Maybe I'm super wrong (I'm a designer not an EE) and it's canon being cheap. If I'm on the right track though, canon would have had limited options: - Provide a camera with fewer megapixels. Nonstarter for lots of photographers. - Put active cooling on it. Nonstarter for lots of photographers. - Personally, I'd love to see canon release a 5Dc with active cooling and a larger body to match. They could also license additional codecs that aren't demanded by the stills/hybrid crowd.
  4. This is wild speculation. Have you x-rayed a Digic X to determine the process node? The reality is that it's much more likely the sensor is what's generating the heat here, not the DSP.
  5. I am sympathetic that this is not the be-all-end-all camera for everyone, but ya'll have to understand the compromises you're talking about would make this camera a *deal-breaker* for it's primary market. How would you like canon to address this? A fan is a *deal-breaker* for a lot of 5D shooters. Fewer MP is a *deal-breaker* for a lot of 5D shooters who are already calling this camera "nerfed to please the video crowd, they should have given us 80+ megapixels" Again, not saying anyone here is wrong: If a camera doesn't meet your needs don't buy it, but you need to keep a little perspective in mind when dropping lines like "Major screw up"
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