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  1. I'm also wondering if sigma is doing something weird with sharpening. They do seem to readout the full 6K of the sensor, because of the 21ms of rolling shutter, but then the DSP seems to Downsample the 6K into a 4K Bayer pattern. (Unless you enable Super 35 Mode, where it does a 1:1 Readout) The result seems to be different from Sony or Pannasonic, who use similar tech. But the image ends up losing details, having more problems with False color artifacts and more Moire.(On the Sigma) Slashcam mentioned it in there review, which I think is only in german. Where they noticed artifacts, which didn't show up in the comparison with the Pannasonic S1. I'm not sure if I can link the article. Maybe it is a Hardware issue with the DSP, or maybe it isn't and it can be fixed with a firmware update and they just didn't fine tune it yet. Maybe they are already working on it, because of what you said, in the Slashcam Review, the MOV mode had even worse Artifacts(which might be because of the older firmware.)
  2. Are they taking request for the next firmware? One major feature I would really like to see is custom Frame guides, where you type in your desired aspect ratio. And a "1:1 mode", so for example the 1080p reads the around Super 16 area (you can already do this for the 4K) The other is of course more resolution options, I'm not sure how hard it is to add new resolutions but at least a few would be nice. Something like: DCI 2K at up to 96 FPS(if 100 isn't possible) Several 60 FPS resolution with different vertical crops So something like 2.8K at 17:9(DCI), 2.9K at 2:1, 3K at 2.2:1, and 3.15K at 2.4:1 If it isn't so hard maybe a similar thing with 48 FPS A big part of what in my mind makes a Cinema camera, is resolutions that aren't exactly standard but use the camera to there fullest potential. (of course if they figure out 4K60 it would be great, but I'm not sure if they can find enough processing power for that, and this would at least be something better than 1080p)
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