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  1. I’ve got the 1DXmkiii on a weekend test drive from Canon. When you use it on the Ronin S do you get camera functionality ie start/stop and focus from the gimbal when plugged in via the usb c cable? When I attach the usb c cable to the Ronin S I lose all camera fucntionality. Can’t change ISO, shutter speed, can’t record, magnify image etc.
  2. I’m still on the fence as the FF 4K as an interview B cam & 50fps for gimbal would be perfect. Add to that the stills for time lapse. RS not an issue for most of what I do. But I’d be paying over the odds for the raw video and sports photography benefits I don’t need. The question is - how long will I need to wait for the R5 or R6 and when they do finally come out, if the low light performance is worse than the 1dx and RS no improvement then might as well have gone for the 1dxmkii. Question for those with the 1dxmkii. When you shoot 5.5K raw video, is this in clog2? Therefore, is the 4K proxy also clog2 rather than just clog? Could be a good workout for 4K Clog2 and just bin the raw files to save on storage.
  3. So I’m still in a dilemma about whether to get the 1DXmkiii or wait for the EOS R5. I have a C500mkii and need a gimbal/B cam to match up as close as possible. Currently use my 1DC as gimbal/B cam but need 4K 50fps. Never upgraded to 1DXmkii due to cropped 4K and negligable improvement in image. Same reason didn’t get the EOS R, but do like the smaller size for gimbal. Can live with RS as will primarily use at 50fps on gimbal or 25fps with the DPAF for simple walk and talks or interview B cam. Needs to have good low light for events and fine with no zebras/histogram as use a monitor when on gimbal. Will also use it for time lapse and some photography but nothing like sports. My question is obviously hypothetical, but will the EOS R5 likely outdo the 1DXmkiii for the above needs or is the 1dxmkiii the camera to get. I’ve tried other brands but would prefer to stick with a full frame Canon to match my A cam as much as possible.
  4. I’m interested to know if you’ll keep the 1dxmkiii? I had it on pre-order but cancelled the purchase. I currently use my 1DC for gimbal and time lapse, but no 4K 50fps is a bummer and the HD is soft as hell now! Wondering if the 1DXmkiii is worth upgrading to considering the R5 mat be out soonish. Other than the rolling shutter, how are you finding the camera for dynamic range, low-light etc?
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