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  1. I assume that it's unlikely that NIkon Z-Log would become so popular that BMD would add it as a managed input colorspace. But it does seem like there is a fair amount of magic above and beyond a simple LUT... is that true? Is that magic so powerful that it's worth trying to find a managed input colorspace that's sort-of close? For example, I've played with using Nikon N-Log. If I then pull the Lift down to -0.06 and the gain to 0.65, things look reasonable. Maybe a bit too much saturation, and maybe a slight green tint. (I set Luminance Mapping and 350 nits for my couple-of-year-old MacBook Pro, and also turned on Saturation Mapping.) But would I actually gain anything by doing this instead of just picking the simpler -- and more correct -- input LUT and being done? (I'm assuming I also lose some things with by using the wrong colospace, since you didn't model Z-Log to try to get the same results as N-Log, right? Actually, my "seems a bit too much saturation, and maybe a slight green tint" might just be the tip of the iceberg and there might be lots of add-on problems with using a "close enough" managed colorspace.)
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