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  1. It is not just 4k, the average time shooting stills is much reduced by power drain on the battery. It was bad on my SL it is even more significant on my SL2 replacement especially when using the Sigma 45mm f2.8 and Panasonic 70-200 f4 and made even worse by adding the DMW-STC14 converter. I am forced to switch to manual M lenses lenses with OIS off in order to not be left with a dead camera too often. Problem appears less acute with Leica's own L lenses but even then my 90 APO-SL causes issues when using the body OIS. Further firmware solutions and a more capable battery are urgently required. It's a proud company. Many of its people are as helpful as they can be but it appears they are powerless up against significant product design issues particularly critical using 3rd party L lenses. I get less annoyance from my M10 but then only as long as I use my EVF sparingly. Sad this... and very costly both in reliability, reputation and financial outlay... even for a long term customer.
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