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  1. I'm wondering how this lens functions with the XT-3 and the fringer adapter? Since I don't have an XT-4.
  2. Yes Sir, it worked out well yesterday. Saved me from getting a wireless FF. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea in getting one.
  3. I have yet to try that, I might consider setting that up. True, but I also did figure it out by changing to a different focus mode. Agreed, but I heard and read that the Sigma combo I specifically have a was a pretty reliable 3rd party option.
  4. I just saw a few YouTube videos suggesting using a different AF area mode. Aside from the default setting at "wide", like the "zone" or "flexible spot".
  5. Funny you mention that because I also have the XT3, which I completely forgot. Lol I should try the XT3 for this particular scenario, see how that works. I chose to use the A6400 since I like using the flip-up screen for checking my framing. If successful, I can use the A6400 for other videos.
  6. But why?! A6400 is suppose to have cutting edge video AF. Lol In any other scenario the video AF works as it should.
  7. I'll have to try that again moving the mic slowly in position. I currently have the AF area set to "wide" should I switch to a different mode? Yeah manual focus was my last option, which I rather not want to do just for this particular setup. I'm shooting open at f1.8, and it just looks too good to stop down. Lol
  8. I don't LOL! It's a table top mic stand with a dynamic mic, I'm right up next to it with my mouth. I don't understand how it does not recognize my face, I do have sufficient lighting on my face as well. This is a bit of an inconvenience just for this particular setup. And if this is a continuous problem with video AF, ill have to settle for getting a wireless FF. Which is extra expense that I don't want to spend.
  9. For those with experience using the Sony A6400. I have the Sigma 18-35 w/Sigma MC-11, I have the Face Priority/Eye AF setup properly, and it focuses on my face as it should when filming for vlogs. But yesterday I was trying to record myself for a video podcast. And for some reason the camera kept focus on the microphone and not my face, the mic is in front of my mouth. I attempted this a handful of times, and couldn't get my face in focus. I even reset the settings and reapplied the focusing settings. Still no change, but if I remove the microphone, then the camera will focus on my face again as it should. So I ended up having to switch to manual focus, but I rather use the Video AF. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
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