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  1. Nikon Z7 for now but I might switch to Panasonic GH5 or Black Magic Cinema 4K later in the year if my video work picks up a little bit. Hence why I prefer Wooden Camera's unified cage.
  2. i like your thinking!!! didnt even consider directly screwing the L bracket to the cage
  3. @kye Thanks for your feedback. I was looking at the height dimensions as well and might need to see how well a medium sized cage fares including in portrait orientation as well. I have heard about Peak Design having a very low profile but need to check it out in person now that I have your feedback. @tupp see attached screenshot taken from Wooden Camera's instruction booklet, so it should be possible to mount a arca-swiss clamp
  4. @tupp thanks for dropping a reply. I appreciate it and confirms my thoughts as well. I might as well take the plunge and find out. Makes sense to have a camera with an arca L-Bracket incase there is a need to shoot vertical videos.
  5. A couple of my local camera shops are clearing out their Wooden Camera demo units and I want to pick one of these up. However, my issue is that I primarily work as a photographer and use the same body for video work. My video work is in the early stages and I spend about 1-2 hours a week shooting, mainly documentation work on construction sites. I saw Gerald Undone talk about the small rig's QR cage, and I like the quick release built into the cage body. I haven't pursued SmallRig due to delivery from China and with covid, I don;'t know how long it will take to get to me. I'm throwing it out there to see if anyone has attempted to add an arca swiss clamp to the Wooden Camera Unified Body's base where normally the camera's bottom goes? Or if anyone know that is even possible?
  6. @EphraimP you recording Prores Raw using the WD Blue drives?
  7. I'm shooting in ProRes HQ only as I havent sent my Nikon Z7 for an upgrade to allow ProRes Raw capture. That is the one thing Panasonic got right. Atomos website is a bit disappointing for such a narrow coverage of SSD.
  8. Due to the weird state the SSD gets into when being read on the MacOS which causes DiskUtil to fail upon erasing the SSD. I dont know what I did but I managed to reformat the SSD to exfat. Plugged it into the Ninja V and viola it works!!! Even got the firmware updated but I noticed skippy the kangaroo appearing on the recorder on a few occasions. Just maybe I need a new SSD. For now it will suffice since I am just shooting random things at home and trying to get familiar with the whole new set up. Now to decide on what SSD to get next!
  9. Hey @Mokara thanks for the reply. I am going to buy a new SSD and saw your reply on this thread. Do you still think Samsung 860 EVO 1Tb is the way to go especially when the Ninja V is paired with the Nikon Z7? Additionally, is the SSD all good for raw capture as well?
  10. Hi there, I picked up my Atomos Ninja V yesterday and have been playing around with it a bit as I have never used a recorder before. I had an old SSD lying around which is a Samsung 84O and formatted it using the Ninja V. I recorded a few videos from the Nikon's Z7 without issues. However, when it comes to connecting it to my laptop (Macbook Pro with Mojave) it displays a warning message first, "macOS can't repair the disk "AtomosV". I have ignored the message and can copy the files off the SSD with no problem. Additionally, I can't seem to be able to copy files onto the SSD as it is in Read Only mode. I am surprised as to why the Ninja V would format the drive in such a way that the permissions becomes read only. Therefore I can't copy the firmware on to the SSD in order to update the Ninja V. I have tried to format the SSD via MacOS but it doesnt get recognised by the Ninja V. The SSD is not on Atomos' compatible devices page for the Ninja V. Do I just buy a new SSD and the problem will go away? Or is there any underlying issue?
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