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    guillaume juin got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    Well, yes, there is a point of contact at the rear of the camera, and it is...the rear of the camera ! Which you can apply on the top of your pectoral/clavicle, with your screen in your line of sight. And it is WAY more confortable than holding DSLR with a loupe to your eyes, which strains your arms so much.
    The rotating handle is also incredibly versatile, confortable, ajustable. You can easyly handle your camera in "top shot" position very high, which is not possible with a fixed handle.
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    guillaume juin got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    Hello !
    This is a pretty harsh  article. You are commenting on this camera as someone who wants dslr with all the extra pro camera things (xlr, nds...). But like you said, it will be the perfect camera for a lot of people. So when you say "What you see above is a monstrosity of stupid design.", you should say "I think".
    I've had lots of DSLRs, and the FS5mkII, with the atomos on it. I also use RED cameras. The FS5 coupled with the atomos is a little beast. Really great to perform lots and lots of various jobs (mainly commercials/brand content). And i managed to assign one boutton which allow for VERY quick change to enter slowmo options (just one press for 4K100fps, and two press for 1080p 200fps)....). Actually quicker that on my A7SII. I guess there is the same possibility with the FX6, but as always, they did'nt give it away in their little video tutorial, they wanted people to see all the menus. Every user then has to enter the shortcuts they want.
    I can see you never really used cinema cameras like red or alexa for instance. They are just boxes with lots of things missing. But you have to build around it. The FX6 provides everything except for the EVF, which is a bummer, for sure, but X70 is the same (with a screen that you cannot move a lot..). And having no XLR on the FX6 bugged me at first, but when i think about it, i always have the handle attached when shooting sound though XLR anyway. When doing gimbal work i usually don't record "pro" sound, i'm too occupied shooting, and a sound engineer is taking care of it. And scratch audio and/or TC is sufficient enough for synchronizing.
    With it's full frame sensor, great DR, variND, full size XLRs, I think it just beats the X70, (which is also a very very convincing solution).
    An when you think about a camera, you also have to think about the second camera. I thnik the FX6/A7S3 it a great combo, as well as the X70/R5. But we all know the implemented issues with the R5 to cripple it.... ;). And the A7S3 has the same sensor than the FX6, and colors are matching very closely.
    One thing i dislike about sony are the lenses. I just hate them. I use old vintage manual lenses, but also canon lenses. I would love to have AF on the FX6 with canon lenses...but i guess that's not possible... 😞
    Oh and FYI: for the moment, technology doesn't allow for IBIS to be implemented along internal NDs, so that's why. Cannot explain why though, but there is a physical problem. I guess it will come in the future... But no camera has it as for now, so we shouldn't complain about something not possible as of now !
    Best, from france,
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