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  1. I think there are a few caveats with this test. First, it's using a pre-production camera. Second, it's using XF-AVC. The author argues that with a log curve like CLog2, there won't be any difference between that and raw. Personally, I suspect it's a bit more complicated than that, and depends significantly on the implementation. I've heard for example that the Alexa ekes out a tiny bit more DR with arriraw than with Prores. Third, and related to the first and second point, Clog2 is only rated for 15-stops DR. Whilst under the above measurement the C300 Mk III only has 12.8 stops, it technically is rated by Canon at 16-stops. This matters because presumably some work has to happen on Canon's side to figure out how to distribute its DR within the Clog2 gamma. In the comments, the author writes the following: Given that it's a pre-production camera, there could well be some tweaking that needs to be done on this front. Fourth, it says nothing of the actual roll-off. This is ultimately the crucial question. Canon said that the DGO would allow for higher saturation in highlights, which is crucial to that smooth roll-off; what happens at present is that different colour channels clip at different rates and thus you end up with colour posterisation in the highlights. Roll-off always looks so much better in black-and-white for this reason. This test might prove to be accurate with the production model, but I think we should treat it with caution.
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