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  1. That's what I did. But it doesn't change the fact that those pixels are gone forever. For a brand new camera, I find it quite unacceptable.
  2. In fact, this issue only happens on my laptop, the video played on my desktop at work is fine. My laptop or VLC must have a calibration problem. More important is my issue with the non-functioning AF on stills, as I mentioned upthread: I also had an issue with a stuck red pixel on the screen of my new fp, and other red pixels randomly blinking. Fortunately, the store I bought it at is going to replace it. Is Sigma guilty of some sloppy quality control ? Because even with my cheapest point-and-shoots in the past, I didn't have those problems.
  3. A screenshot from one of the first videos I took with my fp; what could have caused this blown-out black on my cat ? Everything black or dark in the video has this weird shiny cast.
  4. Hello, My first post here and this might be a really stupid question, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong on my new fp, and this is frustrating. The Sports 60-600, Canon EF mount, is mounted on the fp with the MC-21 adapter, and I can't get the camera to focus on a specific point with the usual half-press of the shutter button. Lens is of course set to AF (and whenever the lens switch is changed to MF, the camera acknowledges it and displays MF), on camera, touch operation is on, I manage to display the grid of AF points and tap to select one, move it around, change its size, whatever. But a half-press on the shutter can't bring the AF on my chosen point. Half-press does nothing at all actually. (Taking pictures with the full press does function though.) Even more frustrating is that when setting Pre-AF : On, it does auto-focus then, but does it (as name implies) constantly and automatically when the lens is moved around, i.e. when the chosen AF point aims at something far or something close. That's too much, and I hear my lens struggling constantly. On Cine mode, there's also that continuous focus going on, but I guess that's by design. I want the camera to autofocus according to the chosen AF point, when I want it. Is there something I missed, settings-wise or else ?
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