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  1. I have shoot severeal feature films with the Agascope lenses back in the eigthies. The most famous one was "Ninja Mission" in 1984. Today a cult movie. I used all four of them with the Debrie mount on Arriflex IIC cameras. These lenses are NOT old soft lenses. They are supersharp with good contrast. Fantastic lenses! In the fifties and sixties you could only rent them. AGA never sold any lenses so lenses on the market was probably stolen. I think that the above one is a prototype as I have never seen or heard of a 50mm Agascope. The lens was made in 1959, at the end of the Agascope production era. They came in 46, 75, 105 and 210mm. I donĀ“t think there are any problem rehousing these lenses today.
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