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  1. Here's an old Blackmagic discussion from 2014 regarding flickering with CDNG and a solution (at the time) to fix it: Also an Adobe feature request to disable auto-exposure adjustments so that people could use Camera Raw for color grading as another option: https://adobe-video.uservoice.com/forums/911311-after-effects/suggestions/34158610-provide-option-to-turn-off-image-adaptive-when-i
  2. It definitely tends to flicker all the time with the range of ISOs I listed. I haven't tested this theory, but I wonder if it might be related to the shooting mode issue Andrew found with the incorrect exposure preview in single-shot mode? I don't know WHY it would be related, but it's another thing to test. I have the camera in manual, single-shot mode when not in Cine mode. I'll do a test putting it into continuous mode before capturing some more clips. It would be insane if there's a Goldilocks zone of settings the camera needs to have to avoid flickering That or it's just a software issue, which it well seems to be.
  3. Thank you for looking under the hood, Paul! I've been moving the last few days so I haven't been on the forum as much. I did see talk related to the auto-black level issue with CDNG as a format years ago when it showed up on the older Blackmagic cameras, so it's interesting to see this show up again. I've sent Sigma several emails and linked them to other user videos on YouTube where the issue is happening. Sigma NY is curious to look at my camera to see if 1.01 didn't correctly overwrite 1.00 somehow. I don't mind the growing pains of a new camera system when the image is so good. The joys of technology!
  4. Thanks for the quick response, Paul! In the vanity shot there is 60hz pulsing from the halogens, but that's stable while the flickering is more spastic, and only on the low end. Frame rate is at 23.98, shutter at 1/50th (which seems to be the case whether I use 180 degrees or just specify 1/50th according to the DNGs). All 12bit at full 4K res recorded to the T5 1TB. Here's the current behavior of my camera: ISOs 100-320 are OK, 400-2000 flicker, 2500-3200 are OK, 4000 flickers, and then 5000-12800 are OK. All of the ISOs that flicker do it in the same way, so it would be tough to say that one is worse than the others. It also doesn't seem to be related to how I'm treating things in Resolve as I'm doing pretty basic stuff to it via the ACEScc pipeline. Flickering is present regardless of what pipeline is used. It's quite the mystery!
  5. Hello all, long time reader / lurker and recent Sigma fp buyer here. I wanted to join into the fp conversation and ask if anyone else is experiencing black level flickering with firmware 1.01 with 12bit 4K capture? There are a handful of quick technical tests I've done to figure out the flickering behavior, and this is the most comprehensive: It doesn't show in the above video, but ISO 400 actually still flickers. With my own camera, 320 is the highest I can go on the low end, and the next one up without flickering is 2500. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be a massive loss right now since 320 + F1.4 seems to be enough to capture a dark city road close to how it appears in person, as you can see with this clip: Would anyone be willing to do a quick ISO test of their own camera to see if you have any flickering blacks at each ISO level? It shows up quickly, so each ISO wouldn't need more than 5 seconds of capture time to see it. It doesn't seem to matter what the light source is, either, as it happens in sunlight as well as with LED lighting. It may be subtle in the image if it happens, but you'll definitely see it happen in the bottom of the waveform on playback in your post software of choice. Oddly, it seems to mostly affect the red and blue channels. I've tried resetting the camera and re-installing the firmware to no avail.
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