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  1. You can also test this by displaying the zoomed in Vectorscope of the Ninja. When I input a ProRes RAW HQ Signal, the signal in the vectorscope is moving/flickering at ISO 160 and other ISOs. This flickering will also show in the final file. You can not stop the flickering by choosing other shutter speeds or apertures. It stays. At other ISOs, when the vectorscope is not moving, there will be no flickering. This is indeed a very strange observation.
  2. mrtz contacted me, because I own the same combination. Did some quick tests and also was able to see this kind of flickering. But only with N-LOG external recording at ISO 4000. Files can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6ivc9wodfymeoi4/AADX6umNfdTPP7zawN7ntkrqa?dl=0 Could it be the combination of N-LOG and lowlight? Never noticed anything comparable with properly exposed images.
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