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    Joshsanamorphic reacted to heart0less in Sharp cheap 2x anamorphic lens   
    They are not as bad as they seem.
    A friend of mine bought a similar set (this one exactly) and shared some photos taken with them.

    It's not a bad idea. Keep us updated. ( :
    You're welcome.
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    Joshsanamorphic got a reaction from heart0less in Sharp cheap 2x anamorphic lens   
    By the way my (final) Setup for about 200$. 
    Heavy but OK for the First try.
    Any recommendations for 86mm stepdown Rings to add macro lenses at the Front? - i didn't find any.
    I'm searching as well for a lifting plate or something like that to get the camera on the exact hight of the projector lens.


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