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  1. Yes I mean diopters but those cheap ones are often called macro lenses like from Polaroid which cost 20€ 4 diopters from +1 to +10 The Isco has a Front thread but there is a Ring screwed in which tightens the Front Glass. I thought I could use a stepdownring instead of the Ring which tightens the Glass and enables me to use diopters I will Look at RISE later - thanks a lot!
  2. By the way my (final) Setup for about 200$. Heavy but OK for the First try. Any recommendations for 86mm stepdown Rings to add macro lenses at the Front? - i didn't find any. I'm searching as well for a lifting plate or something like that to get the camera on the exact hight of the projector lens.
  3. You're absolutely right. I bought a SmallRig for 65$ with lens support and quick release which will be delivered soon. Maybe looking for macro filters and front filter mount in the near future to get the focus distance closer and building the "CHARACTER"
  4. okay haha think I was too enthusiastic that I found such a cheap ISCO. funny thing is that I can resell it more expensive - some iscos here in germany (the same huge model) go for 299$ ! I've got a mft camera so vignetting won´t be too bad and I also thought diopters were easy to find and I didn't mind that much about the focus distance because it was only 120$ - totally failed Thanks for your help!
  5. Whats the downside of the big left one except of the weight? I just got one today from ebay for 120$ - think for that price it shouldn't be bad? Thanks for your answer! Best regards Joshua
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