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  1. I been through all of these problems mentioned above, sent it in to Panasonic and got it fixed at their support center i Poland for free, great service, now I got problems with the aperture! First the aperture got stuck and didn't respond to commands from the camera, was behaving unstable and in the end got stuck wide open at f2.8 and now it does not work to try to close down the aperture at all, only starts making a digital noise when turning the zoom ring between 18-25, that is constant when you reach a certain point... AF and Manual focus works great still, only no communication between the camera and the lens! Tried other lenses, native mfts and they work fine, so it is nothing wrong with the camera. The problem is within the lens and it seems like the aperture blades are stuck somehow and this seems to be connected to the zoom function of the camera... Any ideas why this happens?
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