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  1. 17 minutes ago, seku said:

    The Yashica is a minuscule little thing, smaller than all other scopes i know off. i dont see myself mounting front clamps and a focusser on it :)

    Good luck finding an affordable 1.5x tho. Even the 8/19 bolex is approaching 1k fast.


    Someone just bought a baby hypogonar with chipped glass off Ebay for $1K lol. Beyond my budget though, might just give up on the small ones.

    I noticed this "anamorphic market" is extremely narrow, there's a small group of buyers and sellers and it just seems to change hands. Many recommended lenses in 2014 are almost $2k or more now. 

  2. Thanks for the great feedback to both of you. I think 1.5x would be an ok compromise if I could get the setup put together at the right price.

    I am using an A6300 APS-C/super 35 sensor, probably upgrade to a used GH5 eventually to get 4:3.

    @seku Why would you prefer double focus for any of the scenarios?



  3. Anyone here have a simple vintage anamorphic adapter setup without rails/rig etc? The more basic, the better. 

    This looks like a minimum setup to even be usable, and it's a lot to carry around:

    Helios 44-2 === Back Clamp === ISCO Ultrastar === SLR Magic Rangefinder === ND Filter 



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