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  1. Oh and it's got no rolling shutter, it's a 13 stop global shutter beast of a camera.
  2. It's unique, it's a 6K striped sensor, (CCD 2RGB,) so the color is flawless and there is no bayer issues. What this means in practice is that it looks like 4K in 2K, it's probably the sharpest camera I've ever used and the SLOG on it is easily gradeable, it's a Hollywood level camera. It has a one of a kind look: This is probably the best example.
  3. How does it account for the shitty dynamic range of the GH5?
  4. Id be happy with 4000 US and/or 5000 w an Odyssey 7Q. This model does 444 at 60fps but a mod told me that its actually 50fps with inserted frames. I cant verify and it looks amazing to me. I use 422 SDI regardless as 444 isnt needed all that often. 444 12 bit when graded is pretty magnificent though. Tony
  5. I'm selling a Sony F35, it has the upgraded boards and is a lovely camera but a little too much for a small crew like I'm using. Would be open to trades. I am located at www.theymedia.com and do TV/Film in that little cold country known as Canada. Tony McGuire Theymedia
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