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  1. Im talking about a non speed booster Viltrox ef m1. It does fit, it's a firmware problem. There is no glass inside. Sorry I talk about the ef-m2 on my first message. No one make an EF-M1 with canon lens ?!
  2. Hi everyone I'm fed up trying to make my canon 17-55mm 2.8 work on our dear camera. I bought three adapters and no one worked ! I also broke a new vitrox ef-m2 trying to adapt the canon ef-s on it. I final bought a viltrox ef-M1 as I saw on forum than it works with 2.3 firmware on it. Mut maybe because I got the last firmware on the BMPCC4K, I neither can't manage to have iris management nor IS (stabilisation) on the camera. So I decide to ask for help. Thanks from Paris, France. Olivier
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