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    Royalfrakk reacted to Brian Williams in Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW   
    Ok here are two shots, both CINE mode, one uncropped, one APS-C cropped.
    aps_crop_A001_005_20191106_000012.DNG non_crop_A001_006_20191106_000001.DNG
    OK, here you go, 8bit , 10bit, 12bit all from CINE mode and a 14bit still- sorry it wasn't on a tripod so the camera moved slightly
    still-SDIM0189.DNG 12bit-A001_007_20191106_000006.DNG 10bit-A001_006_20191106_000005.DNG 8bit-A001_005_20191106_000004.DNG
    We really need that firmware update for shooting to SSD- I exchanged my 500GB T5 for the 1GB version in hopes it might fix the issue, but no, a handful of CDNG clips are still coming in with frames misplaced in the sequence, and I don't have the patience anymore to go through them and try to correct the order.
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