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  1. Pretty much spent all day looking into it. Only major issue would be that it doesn't work directly in an NLE. Using BRAW that's a downside. Also having to use a different shutter speed and do some "pre" movements before any shot (from what I've read) Seems to be much better than davinci stabiliser though, so that's magical.
  2. That would be a dream! I miss IBIS (coming over for Sony) so I'm after a decent solution for handheld work (I have a gimbal but I hate carrying one everywhere). What's the steadxp like? Any good alternatives to IBIS too?
  3. Awesome! I thought i read that we needed a particular follow focus system to use this, but maybe I'm going crazy. Will that be the case? Great job btw, really looking forward to this. It made grabbing a PK4 a no brainer for me.
  4. This looks incredible. I still don't see anything for a kickstarter. Is there still plans for this being released? :)
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