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  1. Привет всем! Тест Astia XT3 18-55, без градации цвета. Только EXP, WB & SAT. Все настройки minus, DR400 все!
  2. h265 Long GOP (200 Мbit) Eterna and other Film Simulation DR400 (Native ISO 640) Highlight -2 Shadow -2 Color -4 Sharpness -4 NR -4 Interframe NR - Off
  3. Hi friends! I fulfill the request of all who asked to show a phased color grading of Fujifilm F-Log (XT3). This is not a tutorial, but simply a process of color grading from the source to the final result.
  4. My first video xt3 (2 месяца работы на macmini 2012) Memories of Summer / Fujifilm X-T3 / F-Log / 4K https://youtu.be/UYnWrBtJ6O0
  5. Test Flog and color grading Davinci 15
  6. It seems like October 23rd or at FujiFest
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