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  1. It’s tough to compare the any model in the pocket range to DSLRs. It’s not a dslr. It’s a cinema camera that’s shaped like a dslr and the battery life has always sucked... because it’s a cinema camera. It’s powering four onboard microphones (which sound pretty fantastic for what they are), plus everything needed to run a 6k s35 sensor in raw, continuously. Name a cinema camera that doesn’t require an external battery. Complaining about the battery life and memory usage is like complaining about the crappy gas mileage in a heavy SUV. you’re not getting it for the battery life, you’re getting it for the top-notch video quality in a DSLR form factor. Get yourself a juice box battery, a proper CFast card, and an atomos monitor, and now you have a Cinema quality rig that rivals that of high end cameras in a size you can fit in a backpack. One that records extremely versatile codecs, continuously (without having to stop and create a new clip every 15min), and with one of the most user-friendly user interfaces in this range, where you don’t have to weed your way through photo settings and enable different modes to transform it into a video camera (why I will never go back to the GH5).
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