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  1. I grew up in a Canon household (Canon A-1), went on to own a couple of PowerShot digital cameras and when I decided that I wanted a DSLR, naturally I started looking at Canon first and foremost. Then I started seeing that Canon was stuck in a world that existed about 20 years ago, but does no longer. Discovered Magic Lantern and looked at Canon again...until I decided I shouldn't have to hack a camera to get it to do things that Panasonic, Sony and others were either doing or beginning to do on their own. Fast forward five years and Canon still looks like they are stuck in mud...the market is collapsing around them and the one thing that might make them relevant again (4K video) is still being ignored. I cannot tell if it's the inability to change, to recognize that this is no longer 1950, 1970, 1990 or even 2010. It's frustrating seeing them wander around like a scared dinosaur dodging meteors while lava keeps pushing them towards the cliff and they cannot seem to grab onto a branch or a vine because they have tiny arms. Until management or their corporate culture changes to recognize that their relevance is going to disappear in the next 5-7 years unless they change, Canon DSLR sales are going to continue to plunge off of a cliff. Just my opinion.
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