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  1. After being disappointed by Sony video features in the a6600 flagship... and the a7riv flagship which neither offer 4k60p. Theres is still no 10 bit. Its pathetic and imho they have become the new canon. They dont want to cannibalize their fs sales.. So the A7siii we all been waiting for.. Will not be able to compete let along be in same ballpark of s1h unless Sony goes back to being a great innovator and stop worrying about cannabilize sales. Fuji apsc has 4k 60p.. 180fps 1080.. No cinema line to protect.. Z6 and z7 offer raw firmware 12 bit external.. No cinema line to protect.. Canon still no 4k 60p. Sony still no 4k60p. But Panasonic changes the game and innovates. They have cinema line.. eva1 and varicam.. but they come with it and go all in but differentiate prosumer vs pro grade film. No SDI... use hdmi instead.. No variable ND filter... Plus a few other things pros need or want and will pay $10k plus per camera. Also using same color science as top of line gear shows strategy of these being b cams and c cams.. Panasonic strategy will pay off for them. Sales of s1 and s1r have been bad!! But s1h will be a top seller. And if Sony dont bring it with the A7siii I will be investing in L mount and s1h. Only reason I have not is I'm invested heavily in E mount glass. Prob should have bought EF glass but wanted fast AF and speeds. Sonya new AF is crazy good and Panasonic is no where close to it. Canon is catching up but aren't there. But what no1 says is for pro cameras' they are all manual focus. You got pols livelihoods who pull focus for a living. All cine glass is manual focus. Especially anamorphic glass. So ppl using s1h and other cine gear most will use manual lenses. So no matter how great Sony af is . Means nothing for cinegear. Another reason Sony dont need to hold back on A7Siii. They need to bring it and compete with s1h and fs5ii. 1. 10bit 4k 60p internal 2. Near global shutter 3. Venice color science 4. Pro res raw 12 bit external over hdmi 5. New codec possibly? 6. 1080p 240fps 10bit down sampled from full frame readout 7. 5.6 evf 8. Cooling system unlimited record time 9. New aspect ratios open gate 10. Anamorphic modes and desqueeze built in 11. New AF system built in w PDAF Eye AF video 12. All priced under $4k I will cross my fingers and hope Sony brings it! But if they don't S1H here I come. This is an industry game changer. Not like these 2 yr old cameras sensors are sensors Sony cant get their hands on.
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