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  1. Bitter true. I switched to Sony a couple of years ago, because my PROFESSIONAL occupation required video together with photo, and Canon had nothing for me that time. So, I struggled with Sony A7RII which I hated very much, but I kept my Canon lenses, with a hope that something usable will be released. Ooopppss... When this A7RII piece of garbage finally died, I found that I can't buy nothing from Canon - again. Long awaiting EOS R? Sorry, cropped 4K video on the full-frame sensor is not what I can adopt. So, now I'm with Dony A7RIII which is something pretty usable, finally, and I started to purchase Sony's lenses... And looking for a most reliable video solutions like dedicated BM, or Panasonic - even GFX100, why not? I'm sorry, Canon. I loved you. I still love. But you don't love me back anymore.
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