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  1. Man Andrew, You have a hard job, I started on page one, here I am at the end just reading all of these comments like, Wow.. opinions can be a headache! I shoot with gimbals and heavy cams and I shoot handheld with just IBIS and my A7S2, which I'm still on bc of smart color settings, better grain (esp output) than the A73 and FF lowlight. I could never get the handheld shots I have for brand work or 30 km days on foot shooting Docs without IBIS and small mirrorless FF cams. I used an S1 recently and I'm excited for the new gen of IBIS, 10bit FF cams. Looks like the S1H is it, (FF anamorphic options whoa) the A7s3 or whatever the Unicorn will be has a lot to live up to. Thanks for a great site and perspective.
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