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  1. Totally agree, true arsehats. FYI, in a previous life I worked with Universities, software licencing and international conferences around same. Adobe also got themselves involved in this; short end of a couple of stories: 1) they constantly and unethically got their suite into University labs, then when later there were ongoing problems, they constantly stitched us up with 'fixes' (ie, more and more money). and 2) hopeless, they got hacked & exposed customer credit card info etc, including my own; quite a drama with my bank about that, needed new card to be created etc. Adobe never even apologised, in fact at the time, was near impossible to cancel my account and could eventually only do this via eff-ing Twitter (yet another piece of useless garbage). In all: 'vote with your pockets'. If the numbers go down dramatically for Adobe, then this effects their shareholders, then their psycopathic practices. Also: there are many other excellent alternatives in any software area: many companies deliberately offer alternatives to this awful subscription model. eg: DaVinci Resolve instead of Premier, Nuendo /Cubase instead of Avid Pro Tools ... the list goes one. Vote with your pocket.
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