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  1. It's not just photography, film, and graphic artists... the whole "printing" industry relies on Adobe software... magazines, packaging, trading cards, playing cards, games... you name it... If it has nice designs on it in more than 2 colors... odds are it passed thru Adobe software on the way to the press. And I doubt any other software company is going to break into that market with 100% needed features for the printing business anywhere in the next 10 years. Don't believe me? They killed Flash in 2011 caving to Steve Jobs and his Fanboys... and in 8 years no one has come close to building an equivalent tool as the Flash / Animate product, even though it would be helpful in both web and game development. Animate/Flash is still the best at what it did... Whether you want Flash animations, or HTML5 garbage animations, or easily made games, or other stuff. Adobe does need to accept responsibility for insuring their software provides all these markets the tools needed. Your markets didn't force Adobe to monopolize... But you helped by your choices. (Like every one shopping at Wal-Mart and then Amazon helped kill off mom-and-pop and brick-and-mortar.) Adobe needs to realize they need to stay in business and maintain all this software for DECADES! These markets NEED their software to do business. But they are pretty good at making poor business decisions though which is what's scary. Like devoting HOW MANY people and labor hours to try and copy what Flash could do using only JavaScript... And they STILL haven't finished reinventing that wheel! (And they can't.) They should have pushed Flash and their other products for building Internet Apps... which people want... and also worked to kill off HTML+CSS+JavaScript which has been a Frankenstein nightmare from HTML 3.2 thru HTML 5+. BUT NO they kill off their own products, and the internet is no better than it was in 2011... worse actually... Oh by the way... If you threaten to cancel your CC subscription... They might give you a year at $35 per month to keep you. Demand they do better. But don't expect to find any better software anytime soon.
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