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  1. I'm with you all the way, Andrew. I run a production company and luckily for us, those subscription costs don't hurt too much, especially if you compare them to our other costs like decent Paychecks, rent, gear etc... That's exactly why adobe will be able to continue this game for a long time. They ARE the industry standard, and even if things change radically in the next 5-10 years, we'll still need at least one licence in our studio to be able to open older projects. I understand that this is a totally different game if you edit for pleasure and small projects on your own. Our Studio did make a change to Resolve in this year, but even as a smaller production company with 8-10 seats, it takes alot more time to switch than one might think. There's a big learning curve to go from a Premiere/AE/Photoshop/Illustrator-Workflow to Resolve/Fusion/???/??? it's not as easy if you have to change your complete workflow. I LOVE Resolve... and i love the pace they are moving forward. that's what gets me exited about BMD. They REALLY get it. They have singlehandedly beaten Adobe, RED and other companies at their OWN game... 4K compressed RAW for 4K? that was once a big vision from RED, but who delivererd it? BMD. a complete 4K compressed RAW workflow for 1400$. that is completely insane. have you ever tried RED cineX? a nightmare in usability and performance. One thing that still keeps me glued to Premiere? the pretty good 360° VR Workflow. Premiere went out of their way to become the defacto standard in that field as well. Resolve can't handle 360° footage. YET... All in all. i'm exited to see that there is a company in the game that actually CARES about what professionals want, and give it to them. Grant is a visionary and as long as they keep their philosophy i'm eager to see them dominate the market and force everyone else to follow. TOTAL VERTICAL INTEGRATION. great job guys.
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