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  1. Apple wouldn’t buy Red just for a patent to protect their ProRes Raw format. Pro software is a tiny fraction of Apple’s business and I guarantee they have no desire to get involved in the esoteric world of digital cinema camera manufacturing. It’d be a huge waste of money. If they can’t invalidate, they’ll strike a licensing deal. They can certainly afford it.
  2. There’s plenty of video and photo editing software competition, you can’t blame Adobe if you just don’t WANT to learn new software. It’s not as though they’ve locked down all photo and video file types with Adobe patents so you can only use their software. That would be monopolistic. People complain and complain online about Adobe’s subscription service, but unless you walk away with your money, you aren’t making a statement and nothing will change. I personally think Creative Cloud is a good value if you always want the latest and truly take advantage of the variety of programs available to you. In the old days of the boxed Master Collection (the Creative Cloud equivalent in terms of software titles), you’d be paying $2500 initially and then $500-$600 a year to upgrade. People complained then too. Adobe has always been expensive. Also, the notion that they don’t have software development teams dedicated to these products is petty nonsense. If you know anything about software development, you know even the minor updates they provide every year require a small army of engineers tinkering among millions of lines of code. A lame “documentary” from a blog is hardly insider knowledge of the extent of Adobe’s engineering team, many of whom are probably in other countries.
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