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  1. Yes, due do the path that HDMI takes, there will be lag. It’s not a priority of the manufactures, and as they spec up a camera in advance and have to use that ASIC for three years generally.
  2. I use Maya and Modo, version 2.8 of Blender looks really good, I’m considering giving it a decent look at now. Since the UI has been improved it looks easier to pick up. While I love Modo, I find the resources just aren’t there, there’s so much clever thought behind that app however if you don’t learn all the features of the latest release, those features get buried in a list interface and cog menus.
  3. I guess you have to compensate with reframing or shooting wider than our normally would. I remembered designing icons for AtomOS 9 for Flog, but I never got to use the camera when it was in the office as it was either being tested or we had to take marketing shots of it. But it looks good spec-wise.
  4. I haven’t tested 120 yet, but it’s on my list. Anyone seen any good examples? One thing I have noticed is that when recording 4K ProRes internally, you can only output to HD via HDMI while h.265 4K can output at 10-bit 4K to a display or Recorder like the Atomos. I used to work at Atomos, but there’s something nice about recording ProRes internally on a camera.
  5. I have been using the Affinity Suite since it’s first release and now that Publisher is out, it covers everything without the need for a sub. Davici/Smoke/FCP and other web apps cover the void for me, haven’t looked back since switching. I even had adobe CC for free for many years and that wasn’t enough to make me stay. I’m really hoping they make a DAM client next. Affinity is just well written on the Mac and not too bad on the PC, and they patch bugs really quickly if you report them, they also discount when there’s new releases. I just hope Substance Designer and Substance Painter don’t go sub only now they are in the Adobe family, those apps are killer software. Cheers.
  6. How do you find the Fuji X-T3? It looks interesting for a 4Kp60 10-bit camera.
  7. I only just heard there's an E2C or something like that, that is cut down version. I'm not sure if that was announced prior to the 6K and 8K news, but it was certainly lost in all the hype of the other versions. One good thing Z Cam do have going for them is that they are proactively doing firmware releases with the E2 and not leaving it for dead. So that's a good sign, you don't get that with the larger players. Has anyone shot with their WDR yet? Does it have better results in the Log curve?
  8. To be honest, I have always used an external audio recorder and also looped it out to an Atomos recorder via XLR. I do Like that it has XLR on the camera, it's something I will have to test.
  9. Hey, I've had a loaner Z Cam E2 and what a great piece of tech. - High Speed Frame Rates - Lots of mounting points - Internal ProRes - No stupid grip handle hanging off the side when on a tripod. I wanted to know what the EOSHD community/users thought of it, seems it's a bit of a face off between this and the Pocket 4K, both have pros and cons. Thanks! -Brooke www.zilr.pro
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