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  1. Has anybody done more research on this? I’ll be renting the camera out soon and want to see if it’s worth trusting the “dual iso.”

    I cant imagine there won’t be weird color artifacts, color shifts, or similar dynamic range if Sony isn’t advertising this.


    (Also happy new year!)

  2. To go even further, I always think about this interview/post from Hans Zimmer whenever I'm editing.

    "Of course you want to hit the cut! But... Sometimes you want it to be a little more relaxed and let it breath a little, so you go a few frames late. Or there is a big sound-effect on the cut, like a gun-shot. If you go a frame late, you'll get to hear both the impact of the sound-effect and the start of your music.
    If you want to jolt the audience, be a frame ahead of the cut. Works great in action scenes. But if it's a more 'poetic' scene, be late to the cut. 6 to 12 frames late make a huge difference to the "feel" of a scene.
    But you do need to start with software that makes it easy to scroll by frames, so that you have the artistic choice of how to approach the cut..."

  3. Yeah I'm really hyped for a gh6 for run and  gun / doc work. Tbh I'm not sure why there needs to be some sort of protection for each type of camera (43 vs super35 vs FF). The lenses and application/workflow matter so much more that I don't get why any brand needs to consider cannibalization (looking at you canon)

  4. Hard to say much from this comparison because of the lower white point on the red and the different lenses (a clean sigma vs vintage (canon?), so that might be where the softness and cast comes from). Also I couldn't figure out how to see the video description so I don't know how much correction was applied to each

  5. I have the g7 too and love it. Right now I don't think i'll need to upgrade until the next-gen GX and GH cameras come out (especially when i'm still saving up for more panaleica lenses)

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