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  1. Man thanks so much! I spend a lot of time on YT and I've never seen his video, I'm now subbed and will watch what you suggested and check out his other videos, and also liftgammagain.com Thank you!
  2. Haha, I would say your more of an "internet celebrity" than I am I've been following your site for a very long time. Thanks for the great content. I did join to reply to some of the posts on this thread and answer some questions as they come up. I usually try to do this if I see my videos shared on sites. I might post a bit from time to time but I can't spend too much time on forums/groups since I already work way too much. Unlike a lot of photography/video YouTubers I still make a majority of my income from actual video work and I don't intent on become a "full-time YouTube" since I find it weird to teach about cameras when the only time you use them is to make a youtube video. I actually just hired another employee to take the load off of editing so I can get to shoot more and work a little less. Yea Youtube is horrible lately. They keep tweaking the algorithms and forcing channels to change or die. You may have noticed may channels that are around the million mark who used to consistently get hundreds of thousands of view per video and now they are getting less than I am. Google is pushing creators to have to clickbait and make dumb choices or find a new career. Thats especially tough for those that have employees that rely on the income to feed their families. A single tweak of the algorithm and a lot of your old great content is no longer suggested or you're clickthrough rate is low in the first hour you post and then the video is basically shadow banned.. I'm doing my very best to create thumbnails and titles that are "clickable" but not clickbait.. The original thumbnail for this video was the two cameras and I thought it was sweet but I guess it didn't get enough views and the video started dying out so I had to change it up, and the side by side shot was just too similar to stand out when in the suggested section so I had to boost it up. This video didn't take too long, but I've had some that were a full week of 8+ hour days to make and in those cases it really sucks when you make a really good helpful video and almost no one sees it, even though you know that it would be helpful for so many people. Now that YouTube filters out videos even in your subscriber feed you can put out a few videos and they won't even show up to most of your subscribers... Thanks for being Kind Kye! I wen't back and fourth on the best way to do this, and settled on somewhere in the middle (using factory presets) using proper custom white balance would be the best but I know a lot of shooters don't do this because they are beginners or they don't want to (or they are shooting run n gun, like I am when shooting weddings) If someone isn't willing to tweak colors in post they will likely not want to custom WB. It's funny I was actually criticized by multiple people on using WB presets and was told the proper way to do it was to use auto white balance. This forums is full of much more advanced shooters and whereas Youtube has a very wide audience so I often have to choose a middle ground. I'm sorry you feel this way. My tests, comparisons, and reviews are definitely not perfect but I do try hard to keep them accurate while being reasonable in time and target audience. I have my preferences but try to keep my biases out and let people know when its my opinion and why. What tests did you not like and what is Toxic? I'd love to get specific feedback. A lot of my complaints and harsh judgements about cameras have often matched to with Andrews. Actually I did share Pro Color with quite a few people and mentioned your site in multiple vids, I've just stayed way too busy the last few years growing my business and my family (3 kids now) so I haven't been able to spend as much time visiting sites or even watching as much other content creators videos as I used to. I'm also a bit anti-social like many people who are driven to start sites online of Youtube channels, and I'm terrible at reaching out and collaborating with other creators since I feel like I'll just be a nuisance or I'll be asking for favors which I hate doing. Anyways, I'll keep doing what I enjoy doing and will keep improving my skills and YT videos whilst trying to provide the most value I can to a large audience of all kinds of video shooters.
  3. I actually wrote a lengthy response about 12 hours ago. Maybe it didn’t get approved or maybe it’s hidden (it’s marked as hidden)
  4. Wow really harsh words... The test is not perfect, but I'm not sure what test would be. When planning for this video I had a lot of thought on how to do it, but settled on this method since it has the least user input. As you know, both the Fuji and Sony can be tweaked like crazy inside of camera, and of course in post but I chose to mess with the cameras the least. I'm not sure why you say the results are unstated or unknown. I explained the profiles, settings, and why I used them at the start. Of course the with a few presses the results would change, that why I tried not to do customize things so we can see the cameras colors instead of my tweaks. This is not a perfect test, but I did try to make it a fair one. I shot different exposures to get them to best match up since you can't just get the same exposure by matching settings. The first 4 tests are right out of the camera just like you would grab and shoot (other than setting the correct WB preset). The next 6 where using a flatter subdued profile. Sony is terrible with their profiles but PP6 is fairly popular and is what I use most often. It also reminds me a bit of Eterna which is also popular. With both I usually add contrast and saturation (for my taste) but for this test I wanted to keep Eterna at the default and only boosted PP6 to match up with Eterna or else the Sony would be really really flat. I think the contrast and saturation was matched up quite well, some colors pop more on the Sony and others on Fuji but the point is to compare colors and each camera has its own profiles. I could have used more profiles or added LOG, but then I don't think the results would be as accurate since LOG really depends on how you grade and the video would be really long and most people would end up not doing the test for themselves which is the point. Yes the thumbnail was exaggerated. Unfortunately unlike having your own site on YT we are at the Marits of the algorithm and if the thumbnail is flat then your videos dies with 5K views instead of 50-100K. None of the tests were touched. If they would you would think I being so called "Sony biased" would make the Sony look better LOL, but I'm not in that game. Like I said at the end I prefer the fuji colors and they are definitely ahead if you're not going to do color correction/grading in post. Surprisingly a majority of people preferred the Sony look. I am not a Fuji hater, I have reviewed them really highly. Saying things like "If the fuji is too green... You know what to do" makes it seem like you're Fuji biased. The Sony's can be tweaked too and you have guides for that (which I purchased) thank you btw. Whats funny is if you see my comparisons where I say Fuji is better I am called a Fuji loved and biased. Same thing goes for the Sony videos, the Panasonic videos, and back in the day when I was praising the NX1 (which I still own 3 of btw) I was told that I'm really biased against Canon, Sony, and Panasonic for praising the AF and Colors of the NX1. Sure I have my biases as we all do (to not admit it means your a liar) but typically they are preferences and I try to point those out and why I have them, and if you watch my comparison i'll often point out the flaws of Sony and areas where other brands really excel. Anyways, if you would be willing to do a similar color science test I would absolutely love to see it, and if you have constructive criticism on how I could improve in future versions of this video (say a Sony vs Canon video) I would love to hear and implement it.
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