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  1. Thanks, Andrew— My own experience with canon has been also tainted. I became interested in digital photography in 2017, and opted for the 6D Mark ll— with neophytes knowledge of video. At that time, seemed to be the best all purpose entry level full frame option— at flash Black Friday sale impulse-buy price. At that time, the Sony A7 III hadn’t been released yet— and the A7R II was over my budget. That marked my entry into the Canon universe. After leaning into the video side, I soon realized that someday a budget filmmaker oriented Canon mirrorless— hybrid body— would make the most sense for me. But since 2017, the waiting never ends. The R line is either too expensive, or kneecapped— Canon hasn’t marketed an affordable body, or lens selection that an aspiring artist/filmmaker could grow into a professional environment with. So here I am, with a couple of great Sigma EF prime lenses— plotting my next move. One thing I know for sure is that Canon’s marketing approach has me seriously looking elsewhere, (like the Sigma Lp)— before investing in the troubled R system.
  2. Hi, Andrew— just a bystander point of view— is your website due a name change, like Cinema 5D recently did? Also, maybe returning the R5 & starting fresh would be best. I’m not a mental health professional, but seems you have a lot a negative emotions tied to Canon, which are in a downward spiral. If you changed the name to something that is more neutral, perhaps you could move on in a more healthy way— without being associated with aspects of Canon you— and many others— feel antipathetic to. Best wishes, whatever life takes you
  3. Thanks-- an interesting article, this day and age. After reading some older EOSHD articles on Magic Lantern, I am wondering if the 7D is on par with the 50D for achieving the film look being discussed. My particular reason for asking: I recently acquired a hand-me-down 7D-- just upgraded the CF card to 120MBs/64GB-- am considering downloading ML. Does anyone here these days recommend investing time with the 7D/ML process? From what I understand, a good-quality loupe or monitor is usually recommended-- and, at least in the past, the $300 VAF-7D. However, I do get the impression-- after reading today's article-- that the moire issue with these cameras may not be much an aesthetic issue, as previously accepted.
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