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  1. Tks Andrew! Can you go a bit deeper of what you mean about the Hasselblad X-Pan look? Some sample shots? I would be very nice to get a digital equivalent of that incredible camera. Much appreciated, Pablo
  2. I've been using FCPX from day one. Many features were missing at that moment. But today, I just don't understand why people is still using Premiere. Maybe it's all about the magnetic timeline, which seems to be a headache for editors coming from fcp7, Avid or Premiere. For new editors instead, it seems to be that learning fcpx is much easier. FCPX stills lacks from many things, as well as Premiere does. I miss warp stabilizer (a lot) and a more powerfull tracking tool, but overall I find it much more powerful, faster, and intuitive than Premiere. And, almost, bug free. It's just a joy to use, like using a camera you love. I still need to open Premiere Pro for stabilizing some footage or convert some projects from colleagues. It feels like opening a computer with Windows 95. For photos I just miss Aperture a lot too. Lightroom is so slow and the interface so bad that I just use camera raw instead. But I'll try to learn Capture One. Photoshop it's still my main software for photo retouching, unfortunately.
  3. For the very first time in 15 years, I'm considering switching to sony. Canon has done a great effort to loose a loyal client with 8 Canon prime lenses and 3 Canon bodies. I became a film maker thanks to canon 5d mark II. Love the color science. Then Magic Lantern saves Canon to change my camera. Then I was forced to bought a Sony A7s II to get 4k video. Hate the colors, lack of AF, Menu system, battery life, LCD and monitor brightness and sharpness, grip, among many other things. Then canon gave us Canon 5ds with 1080 video, 5d mark IV with 1.7x 4k crop factor and the (new) videoless canon RP, a museum camera than came from the past to the future! Now my business partner bought a sony a7r iii ( he already has 4 camera bodies and more than 10 canon lenses) and again I hate color, EVF viewfinder and... that's it. Improved battery life, great AF performance with metabones adapters on Canon glass, better Menu, better LCD monitor. 42 megapixels. 4k full frame video. Two SD slots. In camera stabilizer. I would pay for being on the head of Canon's marketing guys. I just don't understand them. I WANT a Canon camera, but I WILL need to buy a Sony one, agian. It's like if Sony had secretly bought Canon and we still don't realize about it. I wish I have enough money to get an ARRI camera and let these people behind.
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