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  1. I believe you may have missed my point. The figures quoted here show the RP outselling the R by a large margin. The figures I link to show the R outselling the RP. Either one set or both sets of data are wrong.
  2. Overall camera sales based on BCN's figures (BCN only gather 40% of total POS in Japan by their own reckoning.) Have Canon crops in the top 4 spots. Sony's first entry is the a6400 at 6th. The A7iii comes in at 17th for body only model with the zoom model at 22nd. The EOS R is at 34th body only. The EOS R as a kit is not in the top 50. Neither body only or kit RP is in the top 50. And this is very telling. Because it contradicts the FF sales data. How can the RP be ranked below the R and not be in the top 50 according to this data https://www.bcnretail.com/research/ranking/monthly/list/contents_type=101 yet outsell the R throughout the month by a large margin according to the graph. There is a misalignment of a week in the two data sets but something is seriously screwy and until it is clear, the data from both sets needs to be treated as invalid.
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