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  1. Really, Its a Japanese company they won't risk their cinema line that much, though FS 5 needs serious upgrades in AF, that would be my go to if they would add the AF from the A73 into that form factor, Sdi, hdmi, audio, variable ND etc. Right now Im still shooting with a C100 and a BMCC4k for a second camera, but Canon is losing me with their bull crap of dribbling crippled cameras and the lack of a c100 3500to 4000 replacement. The R would be tempting at 1500, not 2000 even with the price drop. I would have bought an RP for 1080p gimbal camera but they chose to take away 24 p in 1080, tired of that game, I'm probably going to buy an XT3 for my gimbal camera . Not sure but plummeting sales might be a clue to them. Andrews initial analysis of the state of things was very accurate, not always do I agree with his viewpoints, but that was right on the money. The Chinese will also eat the Japanese camera manufactures if they continue this conservative game. Look at the disruptors in audio and lighting coming to market, iE Aputure. Its only a matter of time until cheap cinema cameras will be upon us.
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