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  1. I meant project/playback framerates. Also, I’d like exact 30p/60p to become standards.
  2. I hope that exact cinema 24fps and its multiples (48fps, 120fps, etc.) become standard on any future cameras. Also, I would like more cameras to start featuring less common resolutions (such as 1440p) if their sensors and processors can handle their highest framerates and codecs at a resolution higher than 1080p. Though I am certainly anticipating some new hardware revisions, I hope that there will be some new firmware for existing products.
  3. Thanks to all who’ve responded to this thread. After reading your posts and further research of my own, I’ve decided to start saving for the Nikon Z6, though the Pocket 4K and E2 still slightly pique my interest. Regarding the E2, is its 120fps automatically slowed in-camera?
  4. I’ve contemplated that option as well, but for it’s price I’m not sure if it would be enough of an upgrade over the standard GH5. The Pocket and E2 both offer better codecs at a lower price, the Fujifilm options are significantly cheaper, and the FF options are similarly priced with equal or greater low light performance.
  5. I’ve also considered the Pocket, but I think the crop might be too extreme for me. Does anyone have any experience with the ZCAM E2? The fact that it can do 120fps in 4K has me somewhat interested, though I currently cannot afford a 4K 120Hz monitor (or adequate computer components).
  6. I’ve also added the XH1, A7RIII, A7RII, and A7S to my list of potential cameras. Since the A7S and A7RII only allow 120fps during APSC mode, would it be reasonable to use a Speedbooster on them?
  7. I currently have four lenses, of which only one is native MFT. My other three are adapted FF lenses, two FD and one EOS. I’ve been exclusively manual focus, so I’m fine sticking to legacy options.
  8. I’m new here, so I’m sorry if this topic, or a similar one, has been done before. After having used the GH5 for roughly two years, I want better low light performance. I’ve been eyeing FF, in particular the A7III, for this reason. However, due to the vast price difference and internal 10-bit, I’m also considering the XT3. If low light is my primary reason for switching, does the XT3 offer enough of an advantage over the GH5, or would it be wiser to go straight to the A7III? To help others in answering I shoot 120fps which I convert to real-time (I have a 120Hz laptop). The XT3 does 120 at 10-bit, but it is automatically slowed in-camera. The A7III only does 8-bit, but it can record real-time 120.
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